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49ers Quasi-Depth Chart Through Three Practices

The 49ers have wrapped up four days of practice and are on their first off-day, which means we can start to get an idea of who is playing where. The team is apparently rotating a variety of guys into first string and second string snaps, so any depth chart is still a work in progress.

Matt Barrows and Matt Maiocco each took a stab at the current depth chart, following four days of practice. Their starters were all the same, which is not surprising. However, some of the backups were in different spots between the two of them. Nothing too huge, but a few interesting distinctions. Here are the more pertinent distinctions

Wide Receiver: MM had Ted Ginn Jr. above Kyle Williams behind Michael Crabtree, MB had it reversed.

The WR position remains a tough call behind Crabtree and Moss. I haven't heard a whole lot mentioned about Manningham. At this point it seems likely that he is slotting right into the third receiver spot. Beyond that, it's hard to figure out who will slot into what role. Kyle Williams would seem to be the presumptive favorite for the fourth receiver role, while also battling Manningham for third receiver snaps, but it's too difficult to assess for now. That first preseason game can't come soon enough.

Cornerback: MB has Chris Culliver and Perrish Cox behind Carlos Rogers and Tarell Brown, respectively. MM has Culliver and Tramaine Brock, with Cox behind Culliver.

From the various practice reports, it seems like Cox has had a better camp than Brock, but again, we won't know for a while. I would think since the 49ers know what Carlos Rogers brings to the table, there is a good opportunity for quality reps across the board. This first preseason game will be particularly important since backups get as many reps as they'll likely get in the preseason. This is more for even further down the depth chart, but Perrish Cox, Chris Culliver and Tramaine Brock should all get some solid reps in ten days.