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Video: Frank Gore Has Taken Up Boxing

One of the stories that picked up a lot of steam earlier this offseason was the number of 49ers that were getting into boxing as part of their normal workout routine. Boxing can provide a variety of benefits, with hand-eye coordination and cardio being two areas that can benefit.

Add Frank Gore to the 49ers players that have taken up boxing. I mentioned a couple days ago how Gore was going to accompany Nonito Donaire to the ring this Saturday for a championship fight. It was my understanding they had been training together. It turns out while they have done some work with track coach Remi Korchemny, their workouts have more often than not involved actual boxing.

CSN Bay Area's Ryan Maquinana took a few minutes to chat with Gore about his boxing, and even take some stomach punches from the 49ers running back. Head after the jump to view some video of the brief sparring session.

Gore started up at San Carlos-based Undisputed Gym after a suggestion from Michael Crabtree. Gore's been working with trainer Brian Schwartz and apparently is showing some improvement. According to Schwartz, they are working on his footwork as much as anything. Boxing and football are obviously different sports, so I'm curious how footwork skills in boxing might translate over. Either way, it follows the developing trend of football players getting involved in combat sports to improve themselves.

Frank Gore boxing workout