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Golden Nuggets: Get Your 49ers Fan Fest Tickets

Welcome to what I consider the "second" Friday of this week. While the Wednesday holiday messes up long weekends, it does create a two Friday effect, which I think is kinda cool. Whatever the case, the end of the week is at hand, meaning one more weekend is here and soon to be gone, getting us that much closer to football. Hell yea!

Yesterday, Tre put together the first in what will be a series of posts we'll use to create a "Football Glossary" for the site. This series will continue through the next few weeks. While it is a nice distraction leading to football, it is also something we hope people will look to use during the season. A lot of terminology gets thrown out there that many of us sometimes just gloss over. 49erFanSince1950 brought up a good point of his own when he mentioned having something for his wife whenever she had questions about something. So, this will hopefully develop into a football bible of sorts for you to use in any way imaginable.

For Bay Area-based 49ers fans, don't forget to purchase your tickets for the August 12 Fan Fest. The event will provide the only open practice of training camp, so if you are looking to get down there, make sure and get your tickets soon. Given the resurgence this past season, I'd imagine tickets could become tough to get in the coming weeks. (

Over at Football Outsiders, Mike Tanier had a few thoughts about Aldon Smith's stabbing incident. He made a certain amount of sense, albeit in the cynical terms of our day: "Aldon Smith committed the worst possible NFL crime on Saturday: he was involved in a violent incident during a slow news period." (Football Outsiders)

49ers QB Alex Smith chatted with the media yesterday as part of a conference call for the upcoming American Century Championship Golf Tournament. The tournament will run from July 17-22 and features a host of celebrities. And no, Jim Harbaugh will not be caddying for Alex at the tournament. I believe that is planned for Pebble Beach next spring. (Barrows)

The folks at put together a Q&A with wide receiver Brett Swain. He faces an incredibly difficult uphill climb for a roster spot in 2012. The 49ers overhauled their wide receiver corps in free agency and the draft, leaving few options for a guy like Hastings. On the bright side, he's big into surfing. ( also put together a camp preview of the wide receiver position. They posted an interesting stat that the 49ers were 6-0 when they outpassed an opponent in 2011. Interesting (

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