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Ron Jaworski Coming Down The Home Stretch With His Top 30 QBs

In case you've been smart enough to avoid Sportscenter, Ron Jaworski has been spending the last couple weeks compiling his list of the top 30 quarterbacks in the NFL. It's the deadest of dead times in the NFL right now, which means the NFL analysts have to come up with creative ways to entertain the masses. While most lists have their share of question marks, at least this is Jaworski breaking down the players, as opposed to the nebulous player vote of the NFL Network's Top 100.

Of course, that does not mean you're going to agree with Jaws. The list appears to be a look at quarterbacks as they stand at this moment heading into 2012, as opposed to simply looking back at 2011. The rankings consider 2011, given that the tape Jaws is breaking down is from then. However, given that Peyton Manning will make an appearance in the top four, I think it's safe to say this is as much a look ahead.

As we previously discussed, Jaws ranked Alex Smith No. 16, just ahead of Josh Freeman and just behind budding nemesis Cam Newton. If you missed Jaws' breakdown of Smith, I've posted the video at the end of the post. You can look for some of his other QB breakdowns over at

The list has made it through number five, with Eli Manning getting that spot. That leaves four spots for Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. How would you rank them for this list? How does a guy like Peyton Manning project out given the health issues? If you're convinced he's healthy, it seems like a fairly high ranking is justified. Of course, if you think there are issues with strength or accuracy because of the neck, even if his neck is 100%, I'd imagine then you'd want to drop him.

Another interesting discussion that popped up on twitter yesterday was the issue of what constituted an "elite" quarterback. There is no single defined standard for what is "elite" so that makes the debate all the more difficult. What kind of standards do you consider in defining an elite NFL quarterback? Heading into the 2012 season, who legitimately qualifies as an elite quarterback in your mind and why?

5. Eli Manning, Giants
6. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
7. Philip Rivers, Chargers
8. Jay Cutler, Bears
9. Joe Flacco, Ravens
10. Tony Romo, Cowboys
11. Matt Ryan, Falcons
12. Michael Vick, Eagles
13. Matt Schaub, Texans
14. Matthew Stafford, Lions
15. Cam Newton, Panthers
16. Alex Smith, 49ers
17. Josh Freeman, Buccaneers
18. Matt Hasselbeck, Titans
19. Andy Dalton, Bengals
20. Sam Bradford, Rams
21. Carson Palmer, Raiders
22. Matt Cassel, Chiefs
23. Mark Sanchez, Jets
24. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills
25. Kevin Kolb, Cardinals
26. Matt Moore, Dolphins
27. Matt Flynn, Seahawks
28. Christian Ponder, Vikings
29. Blaine Gabbert, Jaguars
30. Tim Tebow, Jets