Choose your Dream Franchise

Fooch's Note: We're always down for fun mental exercises during the slow times of the offseason. Have a go at this!

Hi Everyone,

I saw a post over on the Browns SB Nation forum (I know this is off to a rough start but bear with me) that gave me an Idea for this. Bernie19Kosar asked the forum to choose the top 10 players that you would choose to build a franchise around. He had a few stipulations to make this more interesting, which I am now going to blatantly rip off reference.

" There are two rules: you can only name one Quarterback, and you can only name one player per team. No Brady and Gronkowski, it's one or the other." -B19K

For the sake of making this a little more interesting, since the lists being developed on that forum were starting to look somewhat like carbon copies, I would like to increase the size of the list to 14, with a minimum of 5 on both defense and offense. I've added a few additional stipulations after the jump to encourage discussion.

To clarify for the sake of this discussion assume this is a fantasy draft for the 2012 season, so the player's come at there current age with their previous experience and injury history.

1) If you're going to choose Aaron Rodgers as most sane people will, please give us a backup QB in development as well.
2) Atleast 3 of you're players must have no First Team ProBowl Experience.
3) Two players must be over the age of 30.

Challenge Mode: Make an entire team with no All Pro's.

*Bonus Points if you explain you're reasoning.*

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