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Golden Nuggets: More on Aldon Smith, A.J. Jenkins

Hello, everyone. Aaron here. I'm back after some time off. What a time it's been. I was in Oakland, Richmond VA, Washington DC, New York City, with some camping in between. I should be in Fairfield right now, but, an unnamed airline completely messed things up and so I sit here, in the Dallas - Fort Worth Airport Marriott, writing the Nuggets from their 'Business Center'. That means I'll keep it short and sweet. Besides, there isn't much news to report on. I want to say thanks to James and David for covering my shifts, and they may have to cover another one or two as I'm off camping with the family.

Well. Let's see. I go away for a week and a half and someone stabs Aldon Smith!?! Who was supposed to be watching his back while I was gone? Here's the latest, in what I'm sure has been a long line of stories. Kevin Lynch at SFGate gives some more feedback to reader responses on the issue. One thing of note is that the NFL arrest rate is lower than the arrest rate in the general population. | More on Aldon Smith's offseason. (SFGate)

And another entry in the "we've heard this before" category. A.J. Jenkins needs to bulk up according to some sources. That's typical for a lot of rookies. If Randy Moss plays half as good as he's shown in the offseason then we'll be able to bring him along slowly. | Jenkins needs to get stronger. (

And finally, Chris Burke over at give us the breakdown on the 49ers chances of repeating. Yes, we have a harder schedule. Yes, we were lucky on the injury front. But I just don't see any of the other teams in the NFC West having gotten that much better. They all big questions around the QB spot. So did we going into last year. It would take one of the competing teams QB to have an Alex Smith-like season to get any of these teams over the hump. I think, even with some injuries and the hard schedule, we could sneak in with a 9-7 record and make waves in the playoffs (though I'm on record as saying 11-5). | Offseason breakdown: 49ers. (

That's all guys. I'll be back tomorrow with a full edition, barring any more airline-induced mishaps. See you then.

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