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Sports Illustrated's Peter King Convinced About 49ers WR Randy Moss

With training camp underway in Santa Clara, a lot of attention has been focused on new addition Randy Moss.

Moss is a future first-ballot Hall of Famer, who coming out of a brief retirement, recently signed a one-year deal with San Francisco. The reports about Moss from the coaching staff and media alike have been glowing.

When Moss was first inked, the initial reaction from many was that he would not make the final-53. Only days into training camp and the word is starting to get around: Randy Moss is back. The projected depth chart going forward sees Randy Moss and Michael Crabtree as the No. 1 and 2 receivers.

Moss recently spoke to the media in a press conference that resonated positively with onlookers. As a member of the 49ers, he seems motivated, rejuvenated, optimistic and excited. For the fans and media that closely follow the team, the majority is pretty aware that Moss could surprise a lot of folks in 2012.

However, the majority of NFL nation out there are skeptics and non-believers when it comes to Moss.

Recently, a well-respected member of the outside world attended a 49ers practice in Santa Clara. Peter King of Sports Illustrated attended a team practice and came away impressed with Moss in particular. King is a respected figure in the football community, which makes his opinions relevant.

King spoke to NFL Network's Rich Eisen on Tuesday:

When I saw Randy Moss come off the line of scrimmage and fake Perrish Cox so severely that Cox slipped and Randy Moss ran across the middle and caught a beautiful crossing throw. And then ran a 9-route, you know, the long deep ball down the sideline, and beat Carlos Rogers, who had an excellent year last year.

Randy Moss absolutely has something left. If he stays healthy, five weeks from now I think you're going to see Randy Moss as a contributing player on a playoff offense.