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Frank Gore Remains Supportive Of Multiple Running Back Additions

The 49ers had a defensive contingent facing the media today, but I thought I'd take a look back at Frank Gore's press conference from a couple days ago. Gore filled in for Joe Staley, who was bumped up to a day earlier, on Monday. He was naturally asked about the 49ers adding several running backs and he remains excited about it.

A couple years back he might have gone straight to the "I want the carries" line. While he wasn't arrogant or anything like that, but he wanted to be the work horse. Over the last year, Frank Gore has really embraced the way additional running backs can improve the team. Last year, Kendall Hunter's carry total was the highest of a backup to Gore since Frank became the starter. Considering the success the team had in general, that probably plays into his attitude.

Head after the jump to check out the video.

Frank Gore Video