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Alex Smith Temporarily Escapes The Perils Of Jury Duty

In case you were wondering just how far Niners Nation will go to provide you with full 49ers coverage, we might have reached the end of the tunnel. On Tuesday, Alex Smith reported to San Jose's Hall of Justice for jury duty. Fortunately he apparently has been excused at this point in time. It sounds like he might have simply postponed it until after football season. Much like San Francisco, an individual is allowed one postponement of jury duty. But even still, that's a crappy way to spend his day off from practice.

A co-worker of mine out here in DC was recently called for jury duty, but it was for the grand jury, not the regular jury. While jury duty can be a nuisance at times, grand jury duty is truly bad. That requires spending a month at the courthouse, listening to a variety of cases and deciding whether to indict. It's safe to say that can get in the way of a person's job.

Either way, if you get called for jury duty in San Jose next spring, you might get to spend some quality time with Alex Smith at the San Jose Hall of Justice. Enjoy.

Fooch's Note: Just for the heck of it, what's the best excuse you've used to get out of jury duty?