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49ers Wide Receivers: What To Do With Nathan Palmer?

Every year in training camp, some young player comes in and puts on a show that impresses fans and the media. Often times we get wrapped up in that performance and before long the player has become the guy that every one loves in a Kory Sheets Was Our Future kind of way. For those who don't know that, we had a user who lost his [site decorum] when the 49ers got rid of Kory Sheets. Since then, KSWOF has become code for players to which we become overly attached.

Given the level of depth on the 49ers roster this year, there is a chance we'll see quite a few of these types of players emerge. One guy who may or may not become that guy is wide receiver Nathan Palmer. The 49ers signed him as an undrafted free agent and he has been getting rave reviews throughout training camp. Mind you, he hasn't been in a live game situation, but that won't stop us from falling for his potential skill-set. Add in that he is nicknamed NaPalm and it's no wonder people are falling all over themselves.

It really is too early to know with any certainty what will happen to him on the roster, but given the 49ers numbers at wide receiver, the odds seem rather long for him to make the team. It seems like Palmer will be battling Kyle Williams and Ted Ginn Jr. for a wide receiver roster spot. After all, it would seem rather shocking to see the 49ers decide on Palmer over A.J. Jenkins.

As is, does the team decide to potentially hide him in preseason action to prevent teams from getting a good idea about him, so the 49ers could then slip him through waivers? I'm not saying sit him the whole time, but maybe he doesn't get quite as much garbage time as other UDFAs. Or do you just roll him out, and let the dice fall where they may when it comes time to try and get him on the practice squad? Or maybe he really does blow it out and forces a tough roster decision. Who knows.