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49ers Vs. Vikings: Guess What's Back....Back Again!

49ers_logo_medium vs. Th_vikings_icon_medium

Date: August 10, 2012
Time: 6:00pm PST
Location: Bill Walsh Field @ Candlestick Park
Odds Shark Spread: If you are gambling on preseason games, you don't need my help feeding the addiction!
Weather: 67 degrees, sunny
TV Broadcast: CBS-5
Radio: 107.7 The Bone, 680/1050 KNBR - Joe Fonzi, Eric Davis
Spanish Radio: KIQI 1010-AM, KATD 990-AM - Erwin Higueros, Juan Carlos Sierra
Vikings Coverage: Daily Norseman

Sports Bar Thread

And we're back! The 49ers offseason had plenty of news to keep us busy, but July slowed down enough that it is nice to get football back in our lives. The last time we were together in a 49ers game thread ended in a stunning loss that left quite the knot in our stomachs. It was DEFCON one as folks were melting down left, right and center (to be expected of course).

Thankfully, the wait till next year mantra is up and next year is here. The 49ers are among the favorites to emerge out of the NFC and reach this year's Super Bowl in New Orleans. Although developing a Super Bowl contender is a year-round business and training camp has been going hard for two weeks now, today would be the first truly public step towards Super Bowl XLVII. Maybe the 49ers stub their toe along the way and don't make it. Maybe they meet all of our expectations and emerge with Lombardi number six.

Whatever the case, there is reason for optimism right now. Ideally we'll see some young players take a step forward tonight and we'll see some holes start to get filled in. While we will see a full football game, the preseason is really like one big game with each game representing an important portion of it for different parts of the team. Let's hope for the best, but if things don't turn out quite like we expect, remember that it's only the first preseason game.

Site Decorum: It's off for game threads. No personal attacks, but swearing is allowed (try not to go overboard). Also, please avoid posting GIFs in here as it slows down the thread for others.