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Demarcus Dobbs Officially Listed As Tight End, Wearing No. 40

The Demarcus Dobbs tight end experiment continues to march forward, as he will get a chance do his thing on offense tonight. The 49ers have reportedly listed him as a tight end in the game notes, with the number 40 jersey. This means he would not have to report in to officials when he comes on the field with the offense. In his previous defensive lineman jersey, he would have been required to report.

Matt Maiocco took a look at five players to watch in tonight's game, and included Dobbs. In his write-up, MM mentioned a fact of which I was not aware. Dobbs actually played some tight end in high school and caught a school-record 18 touchdowns as a senior. He was subsequently recruited to college as a defensive lineman.

There are plenty of stories to follow tonight, but Dobbs work as a tight end is going to be as interesting as any of them. The reports out of camp have been positive, but when the hitting starts, it will be interesting to see how he responds. Much like breaking down Kyle Williams' punt returns, we'll keep an eye out for Dobbs' work as a tight end.