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49ers Vs. Vikings: Brett Swain, Brandon Jacobs, Aldon Smith

The first quarter is a wrap in the 49ers preseason opener against the Minnesota Vikings, and as would be expected, there is a healthy mix of good and bad. The 49ers offense had one drive and looked very solid in the running game. The 49ers mixed things up on offense but Brandon Jacobs was the star, rushing three times for 28 yards, and making a couple big conversions and one long run. The 49ers capped the drive with a four yard touchdown pass as Alex Smith connected with Brett Swain on a fade pattern. The 49ers mixed in a lot of players and formations, but stuck to ground and pound.

The 49ers defense has struggled a bit thus far. Carlos Rogers was burned early on a big Christian Ponder pass, although he appeared to think that Dashon Goldson was supposed to provide more help over the top. The 49ers held the Vikings to a field goal on that first drive. On the second drive, the Vikings seemed to have their way with the 49ers defense. Christian Ponder made some solid throws and had a couple scrambles, while Toby Gerhart had made his presence felt throughout the early part of the game.

The 49ers have held the Vikings to a pair of field goals, but they need to get into a rhythm and play with a little more snap.

It is worth noting that Aldon Smith limped off the field with some kind of leg injury. He was sitting on the bench with the trainer to start the second quarter. It doesn't seem like a big issue, but I'd imagine he's done for the day.