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Aldon Smith Injury Update: 49ers LB Diagnosed With Bruised Hip

One of the primary concerns of preseason play is getting through the games as healthy as possible. Players are going to get hurt, but ideally a team avoids too many big injuries. The 49ers had their first injury scare of the preseason as second year outside linebacker Aldon Smith suffered what is being called a bruised hip. Smith was cut down on a play apparently by a Vikings player, although it looked like on replay it was one of his own guys. We'll check closer.

Smith limped off the field and was eventually taken to the locker room in a cart. If the injury is in fact "just" a hip bruise, I think we all can live with that. The 49ers next preseason game is a week from tomorrow (Saturday), so I suspect the 49ers will ease him back into practice slowly. He is one guy who could use reps given his transition to every-down linebacker, but there is no rush to get him back in given the need to be healthy when the team heads to Green Bay in a few weeks.

The 49ers currently lead the game 17-6 after a Giorgio Tavecchio field goal. David Akers is getting a veterans day off. We'll hold off on declaring his job in jeopardy.