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49ers Vs. Vikings: Second, Third String Excitement Building

We're into the fourth quarter and the 49ers are looking prepared to get out of this game with a 1-0 preseason mark. If this was the regular season I wouldn't be making such bold declarations, but given that wins and losses aren't really a big deal, I can live with making that proclamation.

As we head into the middle of the fourth quarter, it's interesting to see how the depth chart has played out in the first game. Scott Tolzien came on after Colin Kaepernick, and as have publishing time, Josh Johnson has not seen the field yet. Tolzien looked solid on the last drive, with the interception coming after he got hit on the arm. Tolzien didn't make big plays, but he was able to move the chains. I'm not prepared to declare him the next great thing, but it was a solid performance.

This second half has definitely told us one thing. While the 49ers backups aren't getting much in the way of points on the board, they would seem to be better than the Vikings backups. Someone made the helpful joke that the 49ers backups might be better than the Viking starters. So, we'll have to hold off making too many big proclamations, other than the fact that the 49ers are likely going to win this game.