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49ers Defeat Vikings 17-6 As Storylines Continue To Develop

The 49ers wrapped up their first game of the 2012 preseason this evening as they handily defeated the Minnesota Vikings 17-6. It wasn't a blowout on the scoreboard, but the Vikings never really seemed to have much of a chance in this game. You could say the Vikings actually did their best work on offense against the 49ers first team defense. I wasn't really expecting that, but I'm also not overly concerned about it at this point.

As is the case with any preseason game, team storylines will continue to develop. The first marker of the season comes during those first two weeks of training camp with practice sessions every day. The first preseason game is a milestone that allows teams to figure out some of what they have accomplished in training camp and OTAs. It's not entirely conclusive, but it is something to work with for now.

The most significant injury saw Aldon Smith leave the field with what was described as a hip bruise. According to the 49ers Twitterverse, Smith left the locker room with two canes. That's not a good thing, but hopefully it's just some soreness that will clear up sooner rather than later.

We'll take a more detailed look at winners and losers, but in the immediate aftermath, I think among the starters Brandon Jacobs might have had the best day. He broke through on a 4th and short, and also added another conversion and a long run. He said he lost 15 pounds this offseason, but he is a big boy.

Among the backups, Eric Bakhtiari grabbed a pair of sacks in his bid for the fourth OLB position. Demarcus Dobbs continues to show his high energy motor. Chris Owusu showed some really nice moves on his three catches. Scott Tolzien was solid with the interception coming after he was hit in the arm. The 49ers have serious depth this year and they are going to potentially lose some talented football players when they make roster cuts.

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