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49ers Vs. Vikings Re-Broadcast On NFL Network At 11:00 PM PT

In case you were unable to watch the game earlier, I thought I'd shoot out a quick reminder that the 49ers-Vikings preseason opener will be re-broadcast at 11:00pm PT on NFL Network. I don't know if it will air again next week, so if you really want to watch it, this is at least one opportunity.

If you were not around during the game, feel free to use this as an open thread for the re-broadcast. You can discuss the end results ahead of it here if you want, or you can head over to our recap thread. I don't think spoilers are a particularly big problem when it comes to preseason action.

If you're watching the broadcast for the first time, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Colin Kaepernick's performance. I was watching the game via NFL Preseason Live, so the quality was not fantastic. From a passing perspective, it's just kind of funky because he has such a large wingspan that I don't think he can put together a normal looking throwing motion. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm curious what others think.