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49ers Injury News: Aldon Smith Seems To Be Doing OK

The 49ers emerged from their preseason opener with only one injury of real note. Linebacker Aldon Smith went down with a hip injury in the first quarter, and went back to the locker room to get medical attention. The injury was later described as a hip injury was fairly comfortable that the 49ers had "dodged a bullet" with the injury. Smith reportedly had an x-ray of his hip and walked out of the locker room with two short canes, but this tweet can leave us a little bit optimistic:

It will likely be several days before we get a clear-cut answer on Aldon Smith's availability for next week against the Houston Texans. I have to think the 49ers will take their time getting him back on the field. Although, it's entirely possible this is more like a stinger where there is a lot of pain initially, but it subsides fairly quickly. Fingers crossed either way.

The 49ers had several players inactive for the game. There is no official inactive list, but the team made some specific decisions. Among others, Justin Smith, Frank Gore, Mario Manningham, Nate Byham, Will Tukuafu, Cam Johnson, Darius Fleming and Joe Hastings all sat out the game.

Manningham was arguably the most unexpected "big name" to sit out, but Byham and Tukuafu were surprising as well. Byham was out last season with an ACL injury, but was back practicing this year. Tukuafu has been practicing, and while he was wearing a knee brace today, he was not limping. Both players are in tough battles at their respective positions, so missing out is not going to help their cases.