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Saturday NFL Network Open Thread: Seahawks Kick Off Their Preseason

We're a day removed from the 49ers preseason victory over the Minnesota Vikings and we've got a little bit more football to enjoy tonight. The NFL Network is airing a double-header featuring the Texans and Panthers right now, and then the Seahawks hosting the Titans tonight at 7:00pm PT. I wanted to put together this open thread so folks could discuss the Seahawks debut, and particularly Matt Flynn's performance in his first start for the team.

If you haven't been around all day, we've had a whole bunch of content, discussing everything from winners and losers from game one, to Kyle Williams punt return performance, to what Kaepernick's use of the zone read option could mean for the 49ers this season.

Since we have a good deal of content on any given day, I'd highly recommend bookmarking our Story Archives page. This doesn't show front page FanShots or FanPosts, but it shows you ever story we write directly to the front page. It's usually the first page I go to when I come to Niners Nation each day. I obviously hit up the front page plenty, but the story archives are a good way to see what's new, and also new comments to the various stories. And of course, you can also swing back through the years and see all the posts we've written. That's always good for a laugh or two.