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Golden Nuggets: Game 1 - Lots of Thoughts, Aldon OK.

So, Game 1 of the postseason preseason is behind us and we all had a day to think about it. What did everyone think? I could only watch the first half before I had to get on with my day, but it looked good from where I'm sitting, especially after last years preseason. They did exactly what we expected...beating a team we should beat while getting a good look at a lot of the players on the bubble.

Out of the bubble players, Brandon Jacobs looked good (if you consider him on the bubble) and Scott Tolzien seemed to impress. We also avoided any serious injuries. Aldon Smith simply has a hip bruise and will not miss any 'real' time. Aside from that, there wasn't much too worry about. All of our skill-position players made plays and all of the QBs showed one thing or another. The offense was able to score early. The defense looked a little lackadaisical in allowing the Viking to move the ball as much as they did, but did not let them into the endzone. All-in-all it was a success.

Matt Maiocco has some notes from the game. Justin Smith, Mario Manningham, and Frank Gore all sat out while Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss saw limited action. Scott Tolzien looked good in garbage time. | Harbaugh takes low-risk approach to preseason. (Maiocco)

Eric Branch has some notes from the victory. Brandon Jacobs had four runs for four first downs. A.J. Jenkins looked great on his first catch, a fifteen-yard out. He also had two dropped passes. | Niners Notes: Brandon Jacobs 4 for 4, A.J. Jenkins 2 for 4. (Branch)

One of the scarier parts of the day came when Aldon Smith hurt himself trying to make a play. It turns it out it is simply a bruise and there should be no long-term effects. | Injured Aldon Smith, via Twitter: "I'm doing OK." (Branch)

James Brady gives us his overly stimulated reactions to the Niners preseason win. Among the modest claims he makes is that all of our running backs will gain 1,000 yards each. Enjoy. | Overreactions and musings from Friday's preseason opener. (Brady)

Chritian Gin gives us his 5 insights from the game. The pass rush looked good and Brandon Jacobs was effective in short yardage. We're going to see a much more varied running game this year. | Five things we learned after first preseason game. (Gin) has their postcard from training camp and I like what I hear. He notes the business like atmosphere at camp. There's no false enthusiasm. | 49ers: Looking to take the next step. (

A lot of attention has been placed on the backup QBs going into the first preseason game (a natural thing in this QB driven league) and Scott Tolzien looked good in his first shot to play full speed football. He saw action before Josh Johnson, which implies that he his ahead of him on the depth chart. | Tolzien throws himself into discussion for the backup job. (Branch)

Cohn's got grades for the defense. He notes that Dashon Goldson looked to have blown the coverage on a big play on the first drive of the game. | Preseason Week 1 grades: The defense and special teams. (Cohn)

Preseason Week 1 grades: The Quarterbacks. (Cohn)

Preseason Week 1 grades: The offense. (Cohn)

Colin Kaepernick shows glimpse of his breathtaking possibilities. (Kawakami)

A closer look at Colin Kaepernick's long run. (Sando)

Three things revisted Viking - 49ers. (Sando)

Kyle Williams takes important step forward. (CBS Sports)

Notebook: Defense looks deeper. (

49ers vs Vikings: Thumbs up and thumbs down. (

49ers reveal a few things on the field. (SFGate)

Ales Smith on the offensive line's performance: "They just dominated." (Cohn)

Support from the enemy: Kyle Williams has a friend in Fitz. (Branch)

The Aldon effect: 49ers sign Kenny Rowe with OLB numbers dwindling. (Branch)

Preseason kickoff: Niners pick up where they left off, aim higher in 2012. (

VIDEO: Press pass: Jim Harbaugh. (

VIDEO: Cover 2: 49ers vs Vikings. (

VIDEO: Offense starts fast in season opener. (

There was a lot of good to take out of the game. Was there any issues that arose after watching the game that you hadn't thought of before? Anyone seriously worried about something? Now's your time to speak up.

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