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Rams Preseason Debut Open Thread

Based on how the schedule has played out, we've had open threads for the 49ers, Cardinals (HOF Game) and Seahawks (last night). It only seems fair to have such a thread for the St. Louis Rams. They are currently at halftime of their preseason debut against Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. The game is on NFL Network, so if you're watching it, feel free time chime in.

Through one half, Andrew Luck apparently looked very solid, completing 10 of 16 passes for 188 yards and two touchdowns. I'd imagine his first preseason appearance is just about complete. Sam Bradford was 7 of 9 for 57 yards in a fairly low key performance. Kellen Clemens is 4 of 6 for 18 yards. Not exactly a high octane offensive performance from the Rams.

I really don't know what to expect from the Rams in 2012. They brought in Jeff Fisher but I don't think that makes anything all the more predictable. I do think they bounce back from last year's 2-14 debacle, but how much remains to be seen. They should be healthier after spending most of last season looking like a MASH unit. But is it enough to remain relatively competitive in the division?