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49ers New Stadium Wiki Page Has A Curious Inclusion

Wikipedia has quickly grown into a significant resource for a lot of people in recent years. Even Google has taken to using Wikipedia information for the short biographies they post when you search for a person that has a wikipedia page. Because Wikipedia is such an open source option, people sometimes have a little fun with it. For example, a year or two ago someone decided to mention that 49ers OT Anthony Davis had a llama farm. That has since been removed, but it shows the randomness of Wikipedia.

Someone apparently has gotten a little bit ahead of themselves at the 49ers new stadium wikipedia page(h/t @cbush927). On the right info column, it breaks down some details of the new stadium, including cost, owners project manager and so forth. If you scroll down a little bit, they list the tenants as the 49ers starting in 2014 and the Raiders starting in 2014. Easy there Wikipedia...

While I am remain convinced the Raiders are likely going to move back to LA, I also think that a shared stadium is the prudent financial move. Stadiums continue to crop up around professional sports leagues, but California remains a tough place to develop a stadium. The 49ers are getting their deal done, but it's still a pricey one. Having another tenant to help offset the cost, and potentially get more money from the NFL's loan program would have been a wise move.

However, at this point, it does not seem like anything is going to happen with that. It doesn't sound like there have been discussions in recent months, so those of you who were concerned about that can rest easy for now.