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Golden Nuggets: Fan Fest Highlights, Walker Injured

There was good news and bad news at today's Fan Fest. First, the bad news is that Delanie Walker went down with a knee injury. The good news is it doesn't appear that he'll miss any regular season games. It's early, but the preliminary diagnosis is that it isn't too bad. Another bullet dodged, according to Coach Harbaugh. The good news is also that it was Fan Fest. Who attended? Did everyone have a good time?

The two people everyone is talking about after Fan Fest are Jim Harbaugh and his Chuck Norris eyes and a young QB by the name of Scott Tolzien, aka, Baby Brees. Tolzien played down the comparison made by Donte Whitner, but he has been very accurate as of late. As for Harbaugh....some shirtless man ran on the field and Coach gave him the stink eye, the stare of death, the thousand yard stare, the thousand yard Jerr (named after our friend Jerry who stares hole's through people when he's drunk). He melted away like a snowman in early April.

Christian Gin has his notes from today's Fan Fest edition of practice. As we know, Walker went down with the knee injury. On a bright note, Scott Tolzien looked great again. Donte Whitner called him a 'baby Drew Brees'. | Day 12 recap: Walker injured, Tolzien is a proven leader. (Gin)

Fan Fest came and went. One guy jumped the fence and ran onto the field. I'll let Joe Staley take it from here. "They locked eyes, and Harbaugh made him withdraw with his Chuck Norris eyes," said Staley. Oh, and 32,000 people showed up, compared to 8,000 last year. Nice. | Fan Fest draws 32,000 including bozo who faces off with Harbaugh. (Inman)

Eric Branch has more on Harbaugh's Chuck Norris eyes. | Candlestick fan no match for Harbaugh. (Branch)

Matt Maiocco gives us an injury update for Aldon Smith among his practice notes. He should be back in a week or two. He's definitely out for this weekends game against Houston, and could miss the next game as well. Most starters rest during the final game, and with pass-happy Green Bay on the horizon for week one of the regular season, Coach will probably take the safe road and hold him out of that. | Fan Fest: Smith, Walker injury updates. (Maiocco)

Cam Inman has some more in-depth notes from the game against the Vikings. They're a day late, but I like his work so I'll get them in here. He singles out Brandon Jacobs and his short yardage work for praise, noting that we can call the man Br-and-one Jacobs, since he gained first downs on all of his and-one situations. | Jacobs shines in Frank Gore's place. (Inman)

Matt Maiocco goes through the arduous task of detailing what every player did on defense. Plays lined up per position, tackles, you name it. Eric Bakhtiari is deemed the player of the game for the D. | Defensive player-by-player review vs Vikings. (Maiocco)

Maiocco gives the offense the same treatment. I did not know / notice that Bruce Miller played only three snaps and two of them were runs for 19 and 23 yards in which he took out a key defender as the lead blocker. Good work by Maiocco on both of these pieces. | Offensive player-by-player reviews vs Vikings. (Maiocco)

Camp summary 8/12: Walker's injury provides scare. (Maiocco)

49ers - Vikings in-depth game review. (SFGate)

Fan Fest, the good: Four QBs stay hot. (Cohn)

Fan Fest, the not-so-good: Walker hurts knee. (Cohn)

Day 12 recap: Harbaugh vs shirtless fan, Walker injured. (Barrows)

Training camp report: August 12. (

Harbaugh and the not-quite-naked truth. (Sando)

Early returns good on Randy Moss in San Francisco. (ProFootballTalk)

Update: Harbaugh suggests Walker's knee injury not serious. (Branch)

High praise: Whitner discusses Tolzien in Saintly terms. (Branch)

Rex Ryan was (is?) interested in Colin Kapernick. (ProFootballTalk)

Tolzien: I've got a long way to go before I'm Drew Brees. (Cohn)

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