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Random Observations From Week 1 of the NFL Preseason


The first week of preseason has pretty much come and gone (other than the Cowboys vs. Raiders Monday night). I watched the majority of the games and a few things stood out to me, so I thought I'd mention them to see if I was the only one.

Obviously it was the first time any actual games have been played for these guys in over six it's not like what we see here is going to carry through to the Super Bowl...but still, some things happened that I didn't necessarily expect, or were noteworthy.

The biggest revelation I saw was regarding our own Scott Tolzien, who looked in command of the offense, making quick decisions and getting the ball in the hands of his receivers. Take away a few drops and getting hit as-he-threw (in what would turn-out to be an INT)...his performance was nearly perfect.

It will be interesting to see how this QB race ends-up for the 49ers, to say the least. More thoughts after the jump.

In watching the Seattle vs. Tennessee game I thought that the Seahawks' defense looked eerily similar to the 49ers in terms of getting consistent penetration and swarming around the ball. They also had some takeaways and generally looked pretty impressive, even if they are the stupid Seachickens.

I also thought the Colts defense didn't look half-bad, either. They seemed to be disruptive and making plays. Having a defensive-minded coach never hurts in that way, but I wonder if they'll end up being much better than anyone thought with Andrew Luck rapidly improving on-the-fly and what looks like a competent defense.

Speaking of Luck, I thought he played pretty well, but I wasn't wowed by any means. He looked as-billed: not like a typical rookie QB, smart, in control, and athletic. He'll keep getting better and better though, so I know we'll see big things down the road.

The Cardinals seem like they've got an up-hill battle on offense. None of their QBs are very good and the offensive line looks very porous. The only saving grace they have is Larry Fitzgerald and really, the receiving options in general. I'm starting to REALLY be thankful we let Adam Snyder go, too...

So what did you notice in this week's games?