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Golden Nuggets: Don't Worry About Playing Aldon Smith

Morning folks, morning. Week one of the NFL preseason is officially in the books ... hope ya'll enjoyed watching the Raiders yesterday. I know they're not well-liked around here at all, but covering them for SB Nation Bay Area has made me somewhat interested in their performance week-in and week-out. But don't get me wrong - I love a good ol' Raiders fail. Nothing like a gut-wrenching mistake to have a hearty laugh at in the name of the 49ers. Anyway, quick links today, but let me just say that if the 49ers play Aldon Smith again this preseason ... they're dumb. Just sill and dumb. Guy has got nothing to prove in this sense. Onto the links.

49ers camp summary (8/13): Manningham's best day (Maiocco)

Brent Jones Is This Guy's Muse (Hanstock)

49ers Vs. Vikings: Overreactions And Musings From Friday's Preseason Opener (Brady)

Fangio: Big heads contributed to Vikings' big gains (Branch)

Defensive notes: Aldon Smith's injury a short-term concern (Maiocco)

He's No. 4: Johnson not surprised by preseason pecking order (Branch)

Aldon Smith Injury: 49ers LB Walking With Limp, Cane (SB Nation Bay Area)

Day 13 recap: Defense missing three starters; Alex Smith looks solid (Barrows)

Owusu's successful return does not include returns (Maiocco)

The (temporary) replacements: 49ers sign 2 TEs (Branch)

Practice review, Day 13: Depleted defense sees Williams exit early (Inman)

Day 13 recap: Ian Williams goes down, 49ers sign two TEs (Gin)

Alex Boone teaches us all how to face challenges (Lynch)

Rex Ryan Liked 49ers' Colin Kaepernick, Could He Still Be Interested? (SB Nation Bay Area)

Being a Sheep

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