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49ers-Vikings Re-Airing At 1pm PT On NFL Network

If you're sitting around with nothing to do today, or you can sneak it in at work, NFL Network will be re-airing the 49ers-Vikings preseason game at 1 pm PT.

If you haven't had a chance to check the game, there is plenty to check out. On their first offensive drive, the 49ers rolled through the Vikings, primarily focusing on the rushing attack. You can see Brandon Jacobs do some great work, Rock Cartwright get an unexpected number of carries, and Alex Boone show some good work at right guard.

The 49ers defense had some question marks in its performance, but hopefully that's more a matter of being bored. One player to watch, particularly in the fourth quarter, is outside linebacker Eric Bakhtiari. He grabbed four tackles and two sacks, and could see a bump in playing time this Saturday against the Texans with Aldon Smith likely out with a hip bruise.

If you want to discuss the game as you watch it, or just want to discuss it again, feel free to use this as an open thread.