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49ers Opponents News: NFC West Quarterbacks Raise All Sorts Of Questions

Following last night's Monday Night Football game, the first full week of preseason action is complete. Preseason records don't really mean anything, and it is easy to overrate and underrate players based on performances right out of the gate. Nonetheless, it is still worthwhile to assess what our division compatriots are up to through the first week of the preseason (or two for the Cardinals).

Speaking of the Cardinals, I think Adam Schefter's tweet tells us exactly what we need to know:

I realize the 49ers QB situation isn't exactly Rodgers or Brees type security, but there is something to be said for not being in a complete cluster-[site decorum] at the position. Say what you will about Alex Smith, but at least the 49ers are not dealing with the Cardinals problems. There's always that!

While preseason performances need to be taken with a grain of salt, the Cardinals struggles are not falling on deaf ears in Glendale. Coach Whisenhunt is not pleased at all.

The Seattle Seahawks have their own quarterback issues to figure out. The latest news is that Matt Flynn will start this Saturday against Denver, with Russell Wilson playing in the second half. It seems notable to me that Tarvaris Jackson might not get playing time. He didn't play in the preseason opener and it doesn't sound like he'll be playing this weekend. If the team is planning on keeping him around, it would seem like he is out of the starting competition, and will just be slotted in at two or three depending on how Wilson looks the next few weeks.

As the Rams? Well, they have all sorts of problems, but do at least have Sam Bradford locked in as their starting quarterback. He has a lot to prove after a down year last season, but again, there is something to be said for just having a guy you can slot in at number one. For the Rams, it's more about figuring out just the numerous other problems they face right now. Their loss to the Rams was only one early preseason game, but that can't be inspiring.

Amidst all this, I have to think if the 49ers release Scott Tolzien, somebody jumps on him on waivers. He could stink up the rest of the postseason and change all that, but right this minute, I don't think he clears waivers. The bigger question is, "Does that matter?" Yes it would suck to lose a guy people like and have high hopes for, but when it comes to sorting through the roster, the team has to factor in what they are hoping to get from the bottom of the roster.

I can't see the 49ers keeping all four quarterbacks, and with Colin Kaepernick solidifying his hold on the number two job (according to Coach Harbaugh), it would come down to Josh Johnson vs. Scott Tolzien. I suppose a trade could happen, given that a team acquiring such a QB guarantees the player, as opposed to hoping their waiver claims gets him. It makes for an interesting game of cat and mouse within the division.