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49ers Practice Report: Injury Update

The 49ers wrapped up their penultimate training camp practice yesterday. They will have an afternoon practice session today, followed by a mock game tomorrow. After that, the 49ers return to their regular schedule, with practices closed to the media. The 49ers play the Texans this Saturday and then the Broncos a week from Sunday. The Broncos game would likely be the dress rehearsal game, which is good timing since the 49ers will have a full week to prepare as they would in the regular season.

The 49ers continue to sift through a variety of injuries. At this point, Nate Byham remains notable as he has sat out six practices and there has been no word on the nature of his injury. At this point, his odds of winning the third tight end battle seem pretty long, as it now seems down to Konrad Reuland versus Demarcus Dobbs.

According to a Maiocco source, Ahmad Brooks is reportedly dealing with general soreness from training camp. Either way, given some of the 49ers recent moves, I would be surprised if he played this Saturday. Aldon Smith will also likely be out as he missed his fourth practice with his hip bruise.

One good bit of news was that Delanie Walker was apparently walking around without any apparent limp. He suffered an apparent knee injury at FanFest (had ice on his knee after the injury), but seems to be making good progress. I would imagine he will also sit out on Saturday, which means more playing time for Konrad Reuland and Demarcus Dobbs further up the depth chart. Injuries are never good, but positives can be taken from them in the right circumstances.

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