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What To Make Of LaMichael James In The 49ers Offense

The 49ers have made it fairly clear that they will not be providing too extensive a look at their offense this preseason. Given the secrecy of the 49ers coaching staff on anything from injuries to scheme issues, this should surprise nobody. Of course, this also means we're left guessing as to what we might see when the season starts. We can be pretty certain the team will be doing a lot of rushing, and will be a very physical offensive unit.

However, with the addition of so many new offensive weapons, it would seem absurd to think we won't see at the very least some new wrinkles to the offense. The 49ers won't be rolling out any sort of full-time spread offense, but I would imagine it will open up a bit more.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Matt Maiocco put together a mailbag, with the first question concerning LaMichael James. The reader asked about James' progress. Based on MM's answer, it seems like it is a bit difficult to get much of a read on how the 49ers will be using James this season.

James looked solid enough in limited appearances this past week, but any crazy wrinkles are not going to be known until week one. In the meantime, I'm curious how people seem him being utilized. Our base-level of knowledge is what we know he did at Oregon and what we know of the 49ers offense for now. Of course, often the former does not always translate to the NFL and with the latter, again, we don't know what kind of changes are in store this coming year.

How do you see LaMichael James being utilized in his rookie season?