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Preseason Week Two Thursday Open Thread: Packers vs. Browns, Falcons Vs. Bengals

The second full week of preseason action kicks off with a pair of games tonight as the Green Bay Packers host the Cleveland Browns and the Atlanta Falcons host the Cincinnati Bengals. The Falcons-Bengals game is live on FOX, while Packers-Browns is not. If you have an online source (we only promote NFL Preseason Live!), feel free to chatter away about the Packers game in particular tonight.

The Packers are worth watching since the 49ers will be facing them in a few weeks. While we probably won't see a whole lot from the Packers, we will get to see their starters going a little bit longer. After a few series (or sometimes less) in the opener, the second preseason game often sees the starters going well into the second quarter. Hopefully we'll get to see a little bit of that tonight. Even if they are only facing a Browns squad that has more questions than answers.