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49ers vs. Texans Injury Report

Cam Inman shot out a tweet just a minute ago from Houston with some details on the players who did not join the 49ers in their trip to face the Texans.

As we've said a hundred times this week, while injuries are never good, there are some positives that can be taken from them. In this case, things like Demarcus Dobbs and Konrad Reuland getting more snaps is a good thing. Eric Bakhtiari and Kourtnei Brown getting more snaps is a good thing. Even Joe Hastings absence means more snaps for guys like Chris Owusu, Brian Tyms and Nathan Palmer. Gotta look at the glass as half full!

In case you're wondering what Perrish Cox was up to today:

Yum yum.

Game thread coming no later than 4:45