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Brandon Jacobs Suffers Left Leg Injury

The 49ers suffered their first injury of the game as Brandon Jacobs took a brutal shot to what appeared to be his left knee. Jacobs had made a good move to get into the second level when Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson got a shot on his knee to take him down. On review it looked more like the shoulder pad than the helmet hit Jacobs, but either way it is a tough one.

Jacobs did get up and off the field with assistance from the trainers, although he wasn't putting any weight on the left leg. He took a cart from the sideline back to the locker room. The trainers appeared to be looking at the inside of the knee, which the announcers were saying indicated a potential MCL injury. We'll see how much they know at this point. I doubt we'll get a whole lot of information after the game, so we'll likely just have to wait and see how long Jacobs ends up out of the preseason.

As we move forward in this game, Anthony Dixon and Rock Cartwright will likely find themselves getting some of the short yardage carries. At this point we'll just have to hope Jacobs is able to get back in time for the regular season.