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49ers Vs. Texans: Arian Foster, Say Hello To Kendall Hunter

The first half of the 49ers-Texans games was one of the uglier affairs in recent memory, with the Texans climbing out to a 10-6 lead near the end of the half. The Texans left their starting offense in for most of the first half, while the 49ers got Alex Smith and company out after two series.

Arian Foster got to get some shots in against the 49ers second string defense and finished the first half with 46 yards. More impressively, Kendall Hunter got his own 46 yards and looked a whole lot more impressive in his touches. While we'll include the usual preseason caveat, it is notable that the Texans do have a very solid defense. Hunter showed a great mix of athleticism and power and it has to leave us with a sense of optimism about his role in the 49ers rushing attack.

At this point, we're into the third quarter and seeing a little bit Rock Cartwright and Anthony Dixon. Now is where the real fans stick it out!