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LaMichael James Suffers Apparent Ankle Injury In Fourth Quarter

After a relatively healthy first preseason game, the 49ers have suffered two tough injuries. With 4:04 left in the fourth quarter, rookie running back LaMichael James went down with what appeared to be an ankle injury. It was hard to make anything out during the play, but as players separated, James was immediately hobbled. According to the beat writers on Twitter, 49ers offensive tackle Derek Hall fell on James' ankle. The trainers helped him off the field.

James joins Brandon Jacobs who suffered an injury to what looked like the inside of his left knee. He was helped off the field and took the cart to the locker room early in the game. Coach Harbaugh will likely address the media after the game, but I don't expect we'll get too many answers on these injuries. We might know a bit more about Brandon Jacobs, but it could take some time to sort through the injuries.

Heading into next weekend against the Broncos, I suspect Anthony Dixon and Rock Cartwright will get all sorts of touches. Additionally, it wouldn't surprise me to see the team sign a running back in the next couple days.