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Harbaugh: Brandon Jacobs Will Miss Some Time, Not Season-Ending

While there is plenty to discuss about the various performances in today's game, the big issue is the injuries. We have our first bit of news on that front. 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh confirmed after the game that Brandon Jacobs' injury did not appear to be to the ACL or patella. He did state that Jacobs would miss some time, but did not state how much. According to Adam Schefter, Jacobs' x-ray came up negative, but he will still undergo an MRI tomorrow.

Since we probably won't get a lot more details than that, it's left to speculation. I would be surprised if Jacobs was back the remainder of the preseason. I do think in his limited action he has shown enough to justify sticking around, even if he will be active in some parts of September. Entering camp, Jacobs was squarely on the bubble, in part because he had team-friendly contract. As it currently stands, I have to think he's done enough to stick around.

At the same time, as I mentioned after LaMichael James went down with an apparent ankle injury, I wouldn't be surprised to see the 49ers add a running back this week. Whether it be Ryan Grant or anybody else (Kory Sheets anybody?!?!), an extra body would help at least allow the 49ers to roll out some more bodies to keep Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter as fresh as possible. Given what we've seen from Kendall Hunter this preseason, that would be a pretty important step.

On a related note, Frank Gore told the media that LaMichael James told him he suffered a rolled ankle. Hopefully that is in fact all the injury is.