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49ers Open To Resuming Preseason Practices With Raiders

Fooch's Note: Feel free to use this as an open thread for Colts-Steelers

We all know about the violence at Candlestick Park last August, which resulted in the cancellation of the 49ers-Raiders preseason series. However, a bit less known is the fact that the 49ers and Raiders have not practiced together since 2009. The 49ers and Raiders used to spend time scrimmaging with each other during training camp. I had remembered those, but didn't realize it had been three years since that last happened.

It turns out, after the 2009 scrimmage, the 49ers were not pleased with the results. CBS Sports is now reporting that Jed York has said he is open to resuming the scrimmages. The scrimmages are usually before the exhibition season gets started, and provide an opportunity for some additional competition. And given the recent history of these two teams, it provides an opportunity to do something without dealing with the potential hassles of a full-scale preseason game.

It doesn't sound like there has been in-depth discussion about this, and given how new the coaching staff and front office are in Oakland, this makes sense. But Jed did throw out some interesting ideas:

"We can go to Napa. They can come here. We can look at a neutral site. It doesn't have to be a preseason game. We can go to Kezar [stadium, former home of the 49ers, located in Golden Gate Park]. We can go to Youell Field in Oakland [former home of the Raiders] and have an open scrimmage, get a couple thousand fans to come in and see and make it free or do something that raises money for charity -- and not worry about having a preseason game; just scrimmage against somebody else."