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49ers Press Conference Live Stream: Greg Roman, Brandon Jacobs, Jonathan Goodwin

The 49ers return to the media tent today with three more press conferences, focusing on the offensive side of the ball in a "big" way. Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman will discuss all things offense, and he will be following by running back Brandon Jacobs and center Jonathan Goodwin. The press conferences get going at 11:45am ET.

Although I don't expect a ton of details, I'm most intrigued by what Goodwin is asked and what he has to say. The 49ers offensive line will need to take a step forward, beyond just Alex Boone at right guard, if the 49ers offense is going to gain some measure of consistency. It is not entirely reliant on improved offensive line play, but that is an important aspect of needed improvement. Of course, given that Goodwin plays right next to Alex Boone, I'd bet all kinds of money that the media asks Goodwin about Boone's play. It was hard to provide much insight during OTAs, but now that the pads are on, we can start to figure out a lot more.

I've posted CSN Bay Area's live online stream after the jump. If you have any problems with that, head over to for their live stream.

49ers Press Conference Stream