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Brandon Jacobs Injury Update: No Major Damage To Knee

The 49ers appear to have dodged another bullet this month, as Ian Rapoport reported yesterday afternoon that Brandon Jacobs' MRI did not reveal any major damage to his knee. The 49ers running back appeared to take a nasty hit to his left leg, although it still is hard to tell what hit his knee and what hit his thigh. It seems like Jacobs' left knee hit Kareem Jackson's right shoulder and Jacobs' right knee actually hit Jackson's helmet (per Cam Inman).

Whatever the case, no major damage is welcome relief, and Jacobs welcomed the news with great relief. It is still worth noting that we do not know when Jacobs will actually return to action. No major damage would seem to mean no tears, but we don't know what that means in regards to potential sprains or strains of ligaments in the knee, or even if it is just a deep bruise.

Given the lack of disclosure that we are likely to get, we more or less just have to wait until he is back in practice. Jacobs likely won't play this coming weekend against the Broncos (I'd like to think Coach Harbaugh will confirm at least that later today) and I would be surprised if he played the following Thursday against the Chargers. While his playing time will be limited this preseason, I think Jacobs showed plenty in that time.

On a side note, no update on LaMichael James at this point. We'll keep an eye out for more details on his ankle sprain.