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SB Nation Fantasy War Room Goes Live Tonight

Late last week, I mentioned in the Nuggets that SB Nation was launching some new fantasy football initiatives in the near future. Well, the first one is going live later tonight. The SB Nation Fantasy War Room will go live at 3:00 p.m. PT at I realize the time is not entirely optimal for pacific time folks, but hopefully we can catch you towards the latter end of the chat.

The War Room will feature our own fantasy football experts providing live advice to help you through your draft, and then well into the regular season. While you are going through your draft, you can pop into the War Room and fire off questions, to which you'll get an immediate response four hours a day, seven days a week. Following each chat session, the discussion will be pulled out and published in a feature looking at the big topics from the day. During the regular season, the War Room will feature discussion about injuries, the waiver wire, and sit/start advice.

While Twitter provides plenty of opportunities for live discussion, our commenting system creates a more structured chat that will make it easier to follow the questions and answers. And if you feel like chiming in to say why SB Nation Fantasy is wrong, it's as simple as clicking the Reply button.

The War Room gets started today at 3pm PT and will run until 7pm PT on The preseason schedule will run as follows until September 4:

Monday through Friday: 3pm-7pm PT
Saturday-Sunday: 1pm-6pm PT