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Brandon Jacobs Injury: 'It's Possible' RB Could be Available For Opener

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh just spoke with the media, and seemed to be in fine spirits as he had a few funny comments and generally seemed in a good mood. It is possible the good mood comes from the news surrounding Brandon Jacobs' knee injury. Coach Harbaugh indicated that "it's possible" Brandon Jacobs could be available for the 49ers week one opener at the Green Bay Packers.

Aside from this seeming to lock in Jacobs for the 49ers 53-man roster, this clears up the air a bit on the issues of his injury. Last night we heard there was no major damage to Jacobs' knee, but we hadn't heard anything more specific. I would suspect we won't see Jacobs in either of the two remaining preseason games, and hopefully the team can get him back in time for week one. It is not worth rushing him back, but having a third and short converter like Jacobs would be a big deal in a game where every conversion will be huge.

And as I indicated above, if there were any questions about Brandon Jacobs roster chances, they would seem to be answered. He has looked very solid in limited play, and if he can carry that over to the regular season, that would be huge for a 49ers team that had their issues at times last year in converting third downs.