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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Eagles Vs. Patriots

Week two of the preseason wraps up tonight as the New England Patriots host the Philadelphia Eagles. This game is mildly pertinent for 49ers fans given that the 49ers will face New England later in the winter, and could face the Eagles in the playoffs (pending a lot of football still to be played). Of course, with Tom Brady sitting out today's game to rest, there is only so much to be taken from this game.

On a side note, if you are drafting for your fantasy football team tonight, or potentially drafting in the near future, I'm running a fantasy "War Room" over at The War Room will operate seven days a week during the preseason, and then six days a week during the regular season. Feel free to drop in with questions. During the preseason we're operating 3pm-7pm PT Monday through Friday, and 1pm-6pm Saturday and Sunday. We got off to a crazy start today and it should be fun for the whole family!