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Golden Nuggets: Pacific Time Breakfast Edition

We had a slight hiccup in the Nuggets today so here is a morning version for your perusal. The big news from yesterday was the return of several injured players, including Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks and Perrish Cox. I'm working up a little something on that for a little later this morning.

The 49ers had their first practice since Saturday's loss to the Texans, and this is the start of "regular" practice as opposed to "training camp" practice. For our purposes, the only important distinction is the media is only allowed for the first hour of warming up and some individual work. After that, practice is closed to the press. Given how secretive Jim Harbaugh likes to be, this would seem to provide him a bit more opportunity to go mad scientist in practice. I don't think we're talking drastic differences compared to open practices, but one has to imagine the media has been kept in the dark on enough things to keep that season opener interesting.

Later today, Dylan will have a post looking at one pass from the 49ers-Texans game where Randy Moss was open deep and Alex Smith opted to throw short to Vernon Davis. Additionally, I should have another video for you, this one looking at three of the toughest road games on the 49ers 2012 schedule. That will hopefully be around for this afternoon.

On to the links!

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