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Russell Wilson Set To Start This Friday For Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll confirmed what a Seahawks beat writer had previous reported: Russell Wilson will start at quarterback for the Seahawks this Friday against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Seahawks brought in Matt Flynn in free agency and then followed that up by adding Wilson in the draft.

The belief over at Field Gulls (including their quote of Mike Sando) is that Wilson has done enough to justify seeing what he can do with the number ones against the opposing number ones. This is logical as long as the team is comfortable with what they know about Flynn right now. Of course, if they were 100% ready for Flynn to start, wouldn't he continue to get time with the number ones? Or am I over-thinking this whole thing?

You could translate this mildly over to the 49ers third quarterback situation. Do you want to get Scott Tolzien and/or Josh Johnson in with the ones and twos? Or would you rather keep Alex getting his work and see what Colin Kaepernick is doing? How do you juggle what you need for the upcoming season with evaluation of your bench?