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49ers Position Battle Review: Right Guard (Post-Game 2)

I initially intended to write this post with a very specific game-play review in mind - meaning, I wanted to examine how Alex Boone and Leonard Davis played. How was their hip placement? Pass blocking? Run blocking? Communication across the line?

For the most part, I think David did an excellent job of this the other day when he reviewed the entire right side of the line. I think a post like I initially started would be a little tautological which would be a bit redundant.

So instead, I would like to pose a question and provide a brief answer to it myself. But before stating the question, I would like to go on the record in favor of Mr. Boone getting the nod at the starting job. He has been playing really well, and I think a smooth transition is in the works. In fact, I think it's almost time to declare this battle defunct. Boone has really wrapped up the job, as he should. This isn't madness. It's the right decision for the line and the team.

But, assuming that you were guaranteed by the universe that Boone and Davis would play at exactly the same level, what argument can you concoct for why Boone should not start. I can think of two arguments, and one of them is pretty much a compliment to Boone.

First off is the physical argument. Perhaps there is a serious reason for why Guards are typically smaller, and we just haven't seen it play out with Boone yet. I mean, Alex Smith does have a difficult time finding passing lanes - could a taller right guard maybe complicate the whole situation? Instead of seeing balls batted down by defenders, are we going to see balls batted by Boone's helmet?

Moreover, what if the team is best served with having Boone at Tackle? If, for example, he is that much better than Anthony Davis and will continue to be that much better, then why not put him at the more important position? Again, this is under the assumption that Leonard will play a darn good Guard.