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Chris Culliver To Sit Versus Broncos

Chris Culliver chatted with the media briefly earlier today and apparently told them that he will not play in this Sunday's game against the Broncos. According to Barrows' report, Culliver said he injured his right knee against the Texans. Culliver sat out two practices this week and it sounds like he will likely sit out today's session.

MB raises a good point in his post about the depth chart and what this injury could tell us about the cornerback position. As it currently stands, the 49ers depth chart lists Tramaine Brock as Carlos Rogers' backup, with Perrish Cox listed behind Brock. Cox has reportedly had a solid camp, although he dealt with an injury last week.

Given the Broncos offense, the 49ers will likely get some opportunities to roll out three cornerbacks. If that's the case, Carlos Rogers usually rolls into the nickel spot and Culliver goes outside. Perrish Cox has been working both inside and outside in camp, while Brock has focused on just the outside role. Given that Culliver expects to be back, this isn't an issue that has monstrous repercussions. However, it matters enough that it will be worth keeping an eye out this Sunday.