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49ers Vs. Broncos: The Return Of Joe Buck To Our Lives

In case you were not aware, this Sunday's 49ers-Broncos game will be broadcast nationally on FOX at 1:00pm PT. The good news is that you will be able to watch the 49ers almost anywhere in the country. I'd imagine some places might find a way to not show this (consider it natural pessimism about television), but for the most part, you should have no trouble watching this game.

The bad news is that you get to enjoy the stylistic musings of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for the first time since the NFC Championship Game. While I do not think they are the worst thing ever, they are definitely not my preferred announcer crew. Among just FOX, I think my top choices are Thom Brennaman/Brian Billick and Kenny Albert/Daryl Johnston/Tony Siragusa. While both those groups have their issues I prefer them to FOX's #1 crew.

Sometimes though, you have to sacrifice to get national coverage. The 49ers are looking at quite a few nationally televised games in 2012, so folks outside the Bay Area (now including me), will have an easy option if they decide they want to avoid a sports bar for their 49ers action.