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Will Ted Ginn Jr. Be A Factor On The 53-Man Roster?

Over the course of the preseason, Ted Ginn Jr.has been listed with Randy Moss and Mario Manningham as a co-starter at wide receiver opposite Michael Crabtree. He has not done any work as a return man during preseason games, but the 49ers know what they're getting from him in that department. The preseason gives them a chance to see what other players like Kyle Williams and LaMichael James can offer.

There has been a good deal of discussion about whether or not Ginn will make the roster. There is one school of thought which thinks his receiving skills are low enough that the drop in return ability is made up for by the receiving skills of other receivers. I am a big Ginn fan in the return game and after this past January am generally inclined to disagree with that. However, I can see why some would make the argument around his contributions as a receiver.

Ginn was available to the media before practice today and chatted about his options as a receiver. He seems excited about what he can bring to the table and also thinks he's gotten a fair shake in camp to prove what he can do as a receiver. Do his receiving skills matter all that much given the depth of the roster? I remain convinced he is practically a lock for the roster, but I know some folks disagree.