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Preseason Week 3, Thursday Open Thread

Week three of the NFL preseason gets underway tonight with three matchups of varying interest. The Bengals host the Packers, the Ravens host the Jaguars and the Titans host the Arizona Cardinals. The first and third matchups are the ones with the most interest for 49ers fans, particularly in a week where teams are often using the games as a dress rehearsal for the season.

One heads-up on the Cardinals-Titans game. It is on ESPN and features Chris Berman making his NFL play-by-play debut. He is going to be handling one of the two Monday Night Football games during week one, so this operates as a bit of a dress rehearsal for him. If you're not a Berman fan, you have been warned. And if you are Berman fan, go to town.

The Cardinals-Titans game should also be interesting as it marks Jake Locker's first game since being named the Titans starting QB. We'll see how the Cardinals defense handles him.