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Jim Harbaugh Was Once On Twitter, And It Was Glorious

In case you don't check out non-sports stuff at all that frequently, they had a pretty money article earlier today. Back during his Stanford days, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh actually had a twitter account under the user name @JimHarbaugh. Coach Harbaugh stopped tweeting in late 2010.

Earlier this week, Coach Harbaugh made an appearance on The Murph and Mac Show on KNBR, where he briefly spoke about Twitter. He mentioned having the account, but decided it was a waste of time and a fad that would come and go. The Chronicle's pop culture critic, Peter Hartlaub, decided to take a look at Harbaugh's twitter account and it took him down one heck of a rabbit hole.

Hartlaub read all 650 Harbaugh tweets and decided to post the Top 12 tweets of Jim Harbaugh. I cannot recommend this article strongly enough. We might have learned more in these twelve tweets than anything we've heard in his press conferences. For example, he discusses his five favorite TV shows and makes it very clear that 24 is a big one.

My favorite might be his advice for finding Easter Eggs: "Tip for finding Easter Eggs, think like the egg. Where would you hide if you were an egg?" Any kid clearly just needs to think like the egg. Be the egg.

We also got to find out he was a little late to the party on early to mid-2000s Saturday Night live. And up until March 24, 2010, Coach Harbaugh had never had a Dairy Queen Banana Split. It's clear that someone needs to bring one to the next media session.

I'm almost tempted to post random Jim Harbaugh tweets every day for no reason other than it's still fantastic.