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Preseason Week 3: Friday Night Open Thread

We are all ready and waiting for Sunday's 49ers-Broncos game, but in the meantime, we've got a full slate of Friday football. The 49ers have several opponents in action tonight. The Bears and Giants square off at 5:00pm PT and will be on CBS as the national game for tonight. The 49ers get the Giants in week six and the Bears in week eleven. Both are at home and could be pivotal matchups in determining NFC playoff seeding.

The Seahawks travel to Kansas City and will have Russell Wilson make the start at quarterback. The Seahawks seem to have decided they know what they have in Matt Flynn. At the same time, they would seem to think Russell Wilson has done enough to make it worthwhile to throw him out there with the No. 1 unit against the Chiefs starting defense.

Other than that, we get another chance to see what Nick Foles can do in place of Michael Vick. While Vick will be the starter when the season begins, Foles is looking to showcase what he's got. Maybe the Eagles can hoodwink another team into drafting one of their backup quarterbacks. Are the Rams next in line in the NFC West to add a random backup to become their starter?